About Us

VacYa (वाक्य) means to communicate in Sanskrit. We believe that Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) products today cater to a model where the producer dictates all aspects of a product with no options for a consumer consuming it, hindering the ability to communicate. This is what we want to change - build a bare-bone suite of products that can be deployed locally, adhere to security guidelines, be customizable and seamlessly integrate into a Client’s ecosystem, thus democratizing UCC.

VacYa was born in 2019 when a group of entrepreneurs and product experts who shared the same vision wanted to build products to liberate the UCC space. In our journeys we saw internet censorship, content control, data collection guised in the form of free products, and compromised security & privacy issues growing faster than ever before. The fact that UCC solutions have strayed form the vision of their promised intent led us to build solutions to overcome these challenges.

Our mantra
Our Technology Your Brand

The Team


Suri Chekuri

25+ years of experience in IT industry in multiple roles and interaction with customers worldwide


Satya NG

25+ years of experience in telecom space architecting several impactful solutions with over 100 patents